Monthly Archives: May 2011

Flower Power

Photographers vying for the perfect shot of the blooms in Jing'an park

Shanghai’s photography-obsessed were out in force last weekend. I spotted a herd of them at the small Jing’an park, getting up-close with some beautiful blooms.

They were really quite competitive, pushing and shoving for the best spot (behaviour regularly seen on the metro).

Sanqing Mountain (三清山)

For the May-day long weekend, I was invited by my colleague to Sanqing Mountain, Jianxi province. A welcome break from the city, a chance to enjoy some green scenery and do some exercise.

Sanqing Shan in the mist

After climbing steps for 4 hours, we finally reached the summit and a crazy-scary walkway around the peaks.

Crazy scary walkway at the top of Sanqing Shan

Luckily, since it is quite a way from Shanghai, we managed to avoid too many crowds… a few people camping (!) near this temple, and a (long) line for the cable car down (our legs had given up on us!) was all we had to endure.

Couple pose for photo outside the Sanqing Temple