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Social receipt

A shopping receipt with QQ contact information

QQ is just another form of communication, so I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the QQ information for my local print shop on the bottom of my receipt. I think my reaction comes from the juxtaposition of the digital contact information (QQ number) on the analogue receipt (handwritten). Isn’t it lovely!

QQ isn’t just for chatting with friends any more. What a good way to make sure the printing is on schedule before you leave the house!

Soaps on the go

Taxi dashboard with phone as TV

Taxis are just so damn interesting!

This Bangkok taxi driver was well aware of the terrible traffic we were going to encounter, but still took our fare to drive half way across the city. Turns out he actually liked the heavy, slow moving traffic… he just whipped out his phone, plugged in an antenna and turned it into a mini TV. Not sure about the safety aspect.. but an interesting ride was had by all.

Hidden Precaution

The back of my boarding pass

I didn’t notice the back of my boarding pass until I was in the queue at the gate, ready to board my flight. So I didn’t have time to fill it in, but did squeeze in a quick photo. How does an analogue form like this survive in the digital world of air-travel?

My first reaction was one of fear and nervousness about my imminent flight. Images of burnt out plane carcasses and crash debris floating in the sea popped into my head. After that, my attention turned towards the data, specifically what happens to this data after passengers have landed?

It is a (potentially) useful and intriguing addition to what otherwise would be the boring back-side of a boarding pass. I wonder how many people fill it in? If few people fill it in, would the airline look to find this information in the result of an accident? And… has the data it ever been used?