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Building tall

A few weekends ago we had a windy day and a bit of blue sky. So, I decided to go to Lujiazui to see the construction of the new Shanghai Center.

Can’t find much information about the project online, apart from the fact that it will be taller than the ‘bottle opener’ (the building seen in the background of both photos)… will post an update if I find a good link.

The next skyscraper being built at Lujiazui with construction workers' dorms in the foreground

New skyscraper construction with the Jinmao and 'bottle opener' towers in the background

Soaps on the go

Taxi dashboard with phone as TV

Taxis are just so damn interesting!

This Bangkok taxi driver was well aware of the terrible traffic we were going to encounter, but still took our fare to drive half way across the city. Turns out he actually liked the heavy, slow moving traffic… he just whipped out his phone, plugged in an antenna and turned it into a mini TV. Not sure about the safety aspect.. but an interesting ride was had by all.

Sanqing Mountain (三清山)

For the May-day long weekend, I was invited by my colleague to Sanqing Mountain, Jianxi province. A welcome break from the city, a chance to enjoy some green scenery and do some exercise.

Sanqing Shan in the mist

After climbing steps for 4 hours, we finally reached the summit and a crazy-scary walkway around the peaks.

Crazy scary walkway at the top of Sanqing Shan

Luckily, since it is quite a way from Shanghai, we managed to avoid too many crowds… a few people camping (!) near this temple, and a (long) line for the cable car down (our legs had given up on us!) was all we had to endure.

Couple pose for photo outside the Sanqing Temple