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Road cycling, check.

I’ve been training since April, riding tens of miles most weekends, and it paid off. I managed to cycle all the way to the Suffolk coast, I did the Dunwich Dynamo! Five flat tyres was pretty unlucky though! Maybe I should try again next year and try and beat my time?



Shengsi Island

On the boat to Shengsi Island

Only a few hours from Shanghai, it took me 2 years to discover Shengsi Island. With advice from this city weekend article, and article on CNN and some blogs from a Shanghai bike club we set off!

Getting there took longer than expected… it was golden week and the fast boat tickets had sold out. I’d really advise getting boat tickets in advance if you want to ensure a speedy trip!

Once there, it was a bit tricky to get a taxi, none of the drivers claimed to know where we were going. But eventually we checked in to our guest-house (booked through ctrip) and got down to some good old-fashioned relaxing (and eating of course).

Playing on the beach

Evening, getting ready for lanterns

Building tall

A few weekends ago we had a windy day and a bit of blue sky. So, I decided to go to Lujiazui to see the construction of the new Shanghai Center.

Can’t find much information about the project online, apart from the fact that it will be taller than the ‘bottle opener’ (the building seen in the background of both photos)… will post an update if I find a good link.

The next skyscraper being built at Lujiazui with construction workers' dorms in the foreground

New skyscraper construction with the Jinmao and 'bottle opener' towers in the background

Flower Power

Photographers vying for the perfect shot of the blooms in Jing'an park

Shanghai’s photography-obsessed were out in force last weekend. I spotted a herd of them at the small Jing’an park, getting up-close with some beautiful blooms.

They were really quite competitive, pushing and shoving for the best spot (behaviour regularly seen on the metro).